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Introduction to Hypnosis

The earliest references to Hypnosis date back to Egypt and Greece, “Hypnos” is a Greek word for sleep, though actual state of Hypnosis is very different from that of sleep. Both cultures had religious centres where people came for help with their problems, Hypnosis was used to introduce dreams, which were then analysed to get to the root of the trouble.

The modern father of Hypnosis was an Austrian physician, Franz Mesmer (1734-1815), from whose name came the word ‘mesmerised’ is derived. Though much Maligned by the medical world of his day, Mesmer was a brilliant man.

He developed the theory of ‘Animal magnetism’ - the idea that diseases are the result of blockages in the flow of magnetic forces in the body.

There were several other significant figures exploring Hypnosis in the 18th century, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Milton H Erickson, MD (1901-1980) being 2 of the best Hypnotist.

Many people get confused, worried or concerned about Hypnosis. Hypnosis is just a level of relaxation that the client will enter and the level of relaxation can vary throughout the session.

Hypnosis is just like meditation and in fact it is a slight shift in consciousness that we go into hundreds of times every day, If you have ever been engrossed in a Movie,  a  book or even driven a car somewhere and cannot remember all the Indications, turns and the way there? This is the same slight shift of consciousness that is Hypnosis. So it is a perfectly natural thing.

Using Hypnosis for therapy (Hypnotherapy) is not the same as a stage Hypnotist on TV. With Hypnotherapy the client is always in control so at any point they can open their eyes speak and move, being out of control does not happen with Hypnotherapy.

Therapies Explained

Introduction to Hypnosis
Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life memories are the autobiography of your eternal soul - personal stories that explain who you are now and why you’re here on Earth.


Past life regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly. A branch of hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy has grown over the last 50 years to be an important addition to the healing arts.


Benefits of Past Life Regression

Some people try Past Life Regression simply out of curiosity to see who they were in the past. But for most, it’s a path for personal growth and healing. With the help of a trained guide, past life regression can help you:

  • See personal relationships in a new light

  • Energize talents and abilities from the past

  • Release fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas

  • Release past life traumas at the root of physical problems

  • Experience the transitional states of death and beyond

  • Understand and align with life purpose

How Does Past Life Regression Work?

While in a light trance, with me as your guide, you experience each past life yourself. You see it, sense it, and feel it or even smell it. You are the central character deeply involved in the past life story. You are completely in control at all times.

(Regression therapy is not to be confused with a past life reading, which is a passive process and has little therapeutic effect.) 

Seeing, Feeling, Sensing Past Lives

Past life regression is an amazing, full-sensory experience. You might hear/see gunshots or explosions on a battlefield, or music at a dance. See your children at that time, and your husband/wife. It is possible to recall smells too: smoke from a fire, coal has been a popular smell in past lives'. 

As the story unfolds, you feel real emotions appropriate to the story. You may cry when you re-experience deep sadness at the death of a beloved child, feel despair and lonely, or elation at a long-awaited homecoming from war. And just as you can recall strong emotions, you feel the pain of an arrow piercing your body as you are dying, or the heaviness of a load you’re carrying on your back. These physical sensations and emotions are very real in the 

moment, but pass quickly as you move through the past life story and death.

How the Healing Works

Past life regression is healing. You were born not as a blank slate, but as a soul rich with both the wisdom and scars from many lifetimes.

We all carry memories from past lives into this life–unconscious memories that carry an energetic charge and continue to affect us. They can be things left undone, vows made, accomplishments, failures, mistakes, success, emotional debts, guilt, gratitude, traumatic and sudden deaths, wisdom, and love.

These charges from the past set up patterns which are continually triggered and repeated in our present life. These patterns can be positive or negative. They can affect our relationships, behaviours, motivations, and even our physical bodies and health. Positive patterns can feed talents, bestow wisdom, influence tastes, and energise life purpose.  Negative patterns fuel destructive, compulsive behaviour, cloud judgment, cause injury, and block your way.

By making these memories conscious, and going to the root cause of any issues or illnesses we can release them, freeing us to live more fully in the present life time. Beneficial patterns are reinforced, negative patterns are neutralised.

Past life regression is the process of healing the soul by healing the past. 

Past Life Regression is Spiritual

Past life regression is gaining recognition as a legitimate form of spiritual healing. No matter what religion you profess—or even if you don’t follow any religion—experiencing yourself as a soul in other lifetimes gives you a profound awareness that you are more than a physical body. You encounter your soul’s essence, connected and aligned to a greater universal energy, perhaps for the first time in your life. This has happened often in my sessions. For those who experience it, they feel truly at peace.

Readings on Past Life Regression

For further reading on past life regression therapy, read these articles I’ve selected from the work of two teachers, Roger Woolger and Henry Bolduc. Roger was a true pioneer in the field and gives the best descriptions I’ve seen of the deep healing process. His books are classics in the field. Henry was a master teacher, and a generous person, who made the process accessible to many.

Is Past Life Regression Therapy For Me

My skills as a Regression Therapist will take you on a deep journey of self discovery, In order to find Inner freedom in this life, you must be willing to trust me and yourself to take the journey and heal all that is holding you back or affecting you today.

Almost everyone can enjoy PLRT, I say almost some people can block this by being unwilling to trust themselves, but they always say how relaxed they feel afterwards even though they have not gone under(state of trance). Thousands of people each year have PLRT.

PLRT is perfectly safe you are in control at all times. I do not suggest anything to you only ask questions of what you are seeing feeling or hearing and sometimes smelling.

How do you know if this memory is real or not, Memories have emotions you may feel sad/happy/angry or even cry.

Why Past Life Regression Works

People often reject the idea of looking into the past, “How can past life therapy help me? I have enough to deal with in this life.” This sounds realistic, but in clinical trials clients discover that present life conflicts and problems often stem from past life events in prior lifetimes.

The short answer is: you’re affected by your past lives whether you’re aware of it or not. Past life experiences create the dominant patterns in your present life. Past life therapy is a direct way to access the origins of these patterns and heal present-life issues.


Allow me to explain:

We are not born as a blank slate written upon only by early experiences and heredity, as conventional science would have us believe. We are so much more.


We come into this life as a soul impressed with the wisdom and wounds from many other lifetimes. These impressions are encoded in an “energetic template” that informs your present personality, physical body, and some external circumstances in your life. This template also carries the emotional charges from unresolved traumatic experiences from previous lives, and the plans and blueprints for the present life.

Evidence from Children

How do we know this?  Perhaps the strongest evidence for the continuation of a personal consciousness from life to life is the spontaneous past life memories of children. Hundreds of cases have been verified in which a very young child speaks in so much detail about a past life that their former identity can be matched to a specific person who died before the child was born. And when the past and present personalities are compared, we see that specific 

personality traits - emotions, attitudes, abilities, relationships, and even physical symptoms - carry forward from one life to another. Children who remember dying violently often express strong emotions - fear, sadness, anger, guilt - appropriate to the circumstances of their past life deaths.

The children’s cases show more than just the correspondence in personality and behaviour. In the cases where the traumatic past life memory was acknowledged and processed with the child as it came up spontaneously, the negative feelings and thoughts from the trauma were released. These children were able to let go of the heavy emotional baggage they carried into this life.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to have your past life experiences resolved as a child, then feelings, thoughts, and even physical symptoms stemming from past life trauma can carry forward into adulthood and continue to affect you unconsciously as recurring, dominant patterns in your life. This is where past life therapy can help.

For example, if you died feeling abandoned in a previous life, your energetic template is charged with feelings of abandonment. You may come into this life and have separation anxiety as a baby, or you may experience the early loss of a parent. These early experiences mirror unresolved past life themes. The accompanying feelings of sadness, rejection, and feeling unloved are triggered and can continue into adulthood, affecting your relationships with other people.

Back Beyond Childhood

If you become aware of this core pattern of abandonment as an adult, through traditional therapy or self- reflection, you can trace it back to experiences in childhood. But that may not be going back far enough. You need to go further into the unconscious to access the past-life back-story - the original event in a previous life that set this pattern in motion. With the help of a past life therapist, you “re-live” the past life story, you understand the full context of that life, and you recall the thoughts and feelings that got frozen in the past life trauma, usually at the time of death. That’s where the pattern originated.

The process of remembering defuses the energy around the pattern. You finally release these old thoughts and feelings. You feel lighter. You are lighter.

The past life therapist guides you to see the bigger picture, too: to understand why you were born into your present family and circumstances, and to realise that you brought this pattern with you into this life - it’s a pre-existing condition of your soul. With these insights, you understand your purpose and what you came here to learn.

It’s possible to get spontaneous glimpses of past lives in dreams, through meditation, or in waking visions. But a glimpse is not enough to resolve such deep-seated patterns. To get results, you need to work with a therapist skilled in navigating the past-life territory of the unconscious.

Once you truly understand yourself at the deepest levels of your being - as a soul who brought a rich history into this life - you can move on to live more fully and creatively in the present, gleaning the lessons of many lifetimes.

Advanced Past Life Regression

Advanced Past Life Regression

DNA Healing through Regression

This type of healing is becoming more and more popular as people start to understand about atoms and energy, once you open up to this therapy life becomes easier and more relaxed, my intension is to help you become aware of the real inner you, someone who is not free from past life issues, issues that you may have bought into this lifetime, in each lifetime we experience so much and along the way our souls evolve, we are just beginning to understand this, we may go through times of trouble and things can happen which affect us in a powerful way. Quite often these things are programmed into our souls knowledge and manifest in many forms during a life or many lives after the events took place. We may go through things that may repeat over multiple lives and by visiting our past lives we can see what we need to do to heal this process.


Everything in the world is made up of Atoms. Atoms are the building blocks of ordinary matter. When Atoms join together they form molecules. Which in turn form most of the objects around you.


People are made of bunches of Atoms - Physically, emotionally and energetically. No two people have the same DNA strand.


DNA are the molecules that carry the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms.


Because we are made up of thousands and thousands of tiny Atoms of energy we can change/repair our DNA through Hypnosis. I will guide you on this journey with suggestions and your subconscious mind will do the rest.


You will be taken to a deeper level of relaxation than normal Regression Therapy thus allowing the change in your DNA, you are in control at all times this will be your journey your healing.


It has now been agreed by scientist that the DNA strand can be changed/healed, Doctors in France have just completed the first DNA change on a child who was seriously ill using bone marrow.

Genetic Lines

Genetic Lines

This Therapy comes in two parts Genetic Lines and Karmic Wheel 


Genetic Lines

For this therapy you are taken again to a deeper level of relaxation, but this time I will get you to cut any Genetic ties you have from a past life that serve you no purpose in this lifetime today, some people bring/ carry beliefs and energy from past lives into this life. This can cause all types of issues in this lifetime today. Within each of us reside the events and memories of past lives. As the soul returns to life over and over, these traumatic memories are often re-created making little sense in the context of our present life and brought to conscious awareness by obsessions, recurring relationship problems, nightmares, destructive emotional patterns and chronic unexplainable pain.


By cutting the genetic ties this will allow the real authentic you to come forward and in turn allowing you to live your life the way you want to.


Karmic Wheel

For this Therapy you will be taken to a deeper level of relaxation, it is believed that we accumulate good and bad Karma from all previous lives that we have lived, with this Therapy we can cut the ties which in turn will help heal the body and free us from any bad Karma attached to this lifetime today.

Life Between Lives (LBL) - A journey beyond Regression

Life Between Lives sessions are an advanced hypnotherapy technique, ‘Developed over many years’ … The Newton Method of LBL Hypnotherapy is the result of more than 25 years of initial research by Michael Newton with over 7,000 clients, taught by Dr. Michael Newton, that utilises deep states of hypnosis to access your memories of your experiences as a Soul between incarnations. The LBL session is usually experienced as a journey, remembering the trip back “home” after a previous incarnation. So, if you’re curious about why you chose this life, this body, and this family to continue your education here, a Life Between Lives session is something to consider.


How long is an LBL session?

LBL sessions are extremely profound and potentially life changing, it is normal for them to last 2 - 3 hours. It is important to ensure that all your questions and doubts are addressed so that the unconscious mind, which is going to do all the work, is fully satisfied and can relax and be comfortable with the process. You can expect to be in trance for about 2 hours, all sessions are recorded and you will receive a copy to listen to as many times as you like, I have found this helps the client to remember more things later. 


Can everyone do this kind of session the first time?

Honestly, no, not everyone can. Trance work at this level requires deep relaxation, and the ability to allow the conscious mind to take a back seat, but still remain passively in the background to interpret the content of the LBL.

The ability to concentrate for long periods of time is also a necessary skill that comes with practice. For this reason, it is highly recommended that clients for LBL have already experienced a successful Past Life Regression before attending their LBL session.  


How do I prepare for an LBL session?

Preparation should be commenced well before the planned date of your LBL session. Therefore, if you have a date or time of the year in mind, it is best to contact me and start to make arrangements well in advance. 


People who are already familiar with meditation or relaxation techniques tend to enter into the hypnotic state more rapidly and with greater depth than those encountering this altered state of consciousness for the first time. This can be achieved by practicing with meditation CDs, as mentioned before you should have at least one PLR before an LBL. Generally speaking, the session will include a long and gentle trance induction designed to ensure that sufficient trance depth is achieved.


 Life Between Lives hypnotherapy is not a journey to be rushed or fit in with the other demands of a busy life. Clients who prepare themselves ahead of time usually experience the most profound and life-changing journeys.


During the LBL session we gain an enhanced understanding of why we have chosen to face the challenges that have arisen during the course of this life, and what soul lessons are being fulfilled by passing through these experiences.


Do I need to bring anything to my session?


Yes, there are a few things I need you to prepare ahead of time and bring with you:


1. Your list of questions that you want answered from your Over soul, Guide, or Council. Prepare a list of 5 -10 questions you might have on just about any topic. Some possible examples include, “Why did I choose this body/family/life?”, “What is my Soul’s purpose and/or life lesson for this incarnation?”, “Which religion has the right idea about God?”, “Have I lived on other planets?”. What can I do to improve my time left on earth. How many incarnations have I had before, etc.


2. Prepare a “Cast of Characters” list of the 10-15 major people in your life. Obviously, your family and close friends should be on it (it is ok to include those who have passed on).

Life Between Lives

Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression or FLP is a hypnotic process that brings you insights into your future. Many people have heard of Past Life Regression where the therapist takes a person into a former life. Often this can be done in order to find the source of current life problems. It has been found that taking a person forward into a future time or future life can be just as simple and this process is now becoming increasingly popular as a means of creating a more fulfilling life.


Is my future Pre-determined... The answer is no. The therapist will take you to your most likely future, where your life is heading, if you carry on as you are, then if you need to, you will be taken further forward to see how this develops. Often you will gain insights into what you could have done differently and going further down your timeline you may find that if you had known something sooner, you could have enjoyed a better outcome. You can go as far as you wish. Most people prefer to go five or ten years into the future, to gain insights into what will work for them on a personal level, with relationships, career, or anything else they need to know about. You may be curious about a future life and travelling forwards into the future, you will experience a surprising reality which seems so far from what you know; witnessing how the world will be.

Future Life Progression

Introduction to Reiki

I practice the Dr Usui system of healing, I also can Attune students to All levels, please allow yourself 1 day for each Attunement.


The exact origin of Reiki has been lost with the passage of time. Documents show Tibetans used a form of healing 2500 years ago, this form of healing has been shown in Chinese books on medicine dating back 3000 years ago.

The system I have been trained in and practice was rediscovered by a Japanese priest called Dr Mikao Usui in the mid 1870’s.


Rei - Spiritual wisdom, higher intelligence that guides the creation and function of the universe, it can be described as God/Goddess. It understands each person’s problems and difficulties and knows what to do to heal them.

Ki - The universal life force energy, is the non-physical energy that animates all living things. When your Ki is low or there is a restriction in its  flow, you will be vulnerable to illness, when it’s high and flowing freely it creates health, vitality and well being.

Dr Usui taught his students the practices and principles of Christ, he was passionate about the teachings of the bible, It was only when a student asked why it was that Jesus had promised that we could all heal with touch but nobody seemed able to put this into practice. This simple question led Dr Usui to dedicate many years of his life to finding the 

answer. He travelled extensively to study ancient manuscripts in great Churches, temples and monasteries but to no avail, References were made to hands on healing but not to how it was achieved. He travelled to Tibet and found some ancient Sanskrit writings that gave him the answers he was searching for, although he found the theory of how to use this form of healing, it still did not seem to work in practice, he felt something was missing and sought the advice of a spiritual friend and fellow priest and decided to go to the sacred mountain of Koriyama and meditate and ask for divine help and guidance with this problem. On the 21st day of his retreat he was given the vision of how to use this energy, to not only heal himself and others but also how to attune others to become Reiki healers..... and so it began.

Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of your energy field, re-charging them with Positive energy and removing any Negative energy, thus relaxing your mind and helping your body to heal it’s self from within. Negative energy slows our bodies down and we become ill in one way or another.


Reiki can:

  • Balance your body’s own energy - making you feel better

  • Amplifies what energy you already have - helps you to self heal

  • Relieve Stress and Tension

  • Even help to cure many other ailments


Labrys Ascension

This is an amazing new therapy channelled from  St Germain and other Ascended Masters to assist us in the age of Aquarius, which we have just entered 2012, we will remain there for the next 2150 years. Each time we change from 1 sign to another every 2150 years there is a lot of extra energy around and this can cause major changes not just personally, but also natural disasters happen Earthquakes flooding etc.

This new age with new energy is breaking down the old Piscean materialistic way of living, although the Piscean way has allowed us to make major changes in medicine, science and other technologies, it has also produced masses of waste whether that is material waste or industrial waste, and created climate change, this has also led to world poverty.

We each can make a difference, we each have the power to make the change, the time is now. These new energies have been building more strongly since the 1980’s, more and more people have been picking these up and working with these new energies ready for this time. These people have been working with spirit, Ascended Masters and other beings to help prepare the road ahead for mankind.

It is believed that LAT was used by the Egyptians and the Atlanteans after the fall of Atlantis, we as humankind, have lost the knowledge and abilities we once had. The energies of the planet have got denser and denser as mankind has lost all connection with the Devine Source.

Labrys Ascension
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